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Horse Transcending Time and Space Special Exhibition of Horse and its Culture

 “Horse Transcending Time and Space---Special Exhibition of Horse and Horse Culture” is jointly prepared by Inner Mongolia Museum and Dalian Hoffen Bio-technique Co.,Ltd. For the approaching Year of Horse. Terracotta Horses from the Han Tombs and other ornamental cultural relics borrowed from Qingzhou Museum of Shandong province have made a world of difference to the exhibition.

Horse, one of the mature evolved mammals, is considered to be a model of evolutionist. The earliest horse appeared in Europe and North Africa in early Eocene (around as early as 3000 years ago). Finally, after many evolution stages from Mesohippus ,Merychippus to Pliohippus, nowadays horse developed.
Horse has been domesticated since the late period of Neolithic age. It has a special connection with human. Horse can be seen from many aspect of life, such as human life, production, war and entertainment. Nomadic nationalities lived on northern grassland have created colorful and distinctive horse culture by means of understanding, domestication, usage, protection and decoration of it. 
 Unlike the previous exhibitions of horse culture narrowed their contents to history and folk heritages, this exhibition brings fossil specimens, plastic specimen of modern horse and fine historical & folk cultural relics together. It is a show with particular perspectives from the evolution of horse to physiological structure of horse, from the relationship between horse & human to horse culture which was created by north nomadic nationalities who were accompanied by horses for thousands of years. The combination of natural horse and cultural horse is a highlight of the exhibition. We sincerely hope that this exhibition can bring a great horse culture feast and express our hearty blessings for the coming Year of Horse to a wide audience.